Sunday, December 12, 2010


so.... today, December 13, 2010. it's a big day for me who's a 10th grade student.

A couple hours left to get my report card and see what faculty will i get.
can be :
- Science Faculty
- Social Faculty
- or even i'm not be in that 2 faculty.. it means i have no faculty in the next term..... astaghfirullah wish i couldn't be like this.

if you didn't have any faculty yet, you have to take a remedial, which we can't have a holiday! BIG NO ! 1st term. i got tired and being stressed, i have to take a long holiday..

So guys. i'm begging you. wish me luck, wish me that my report card won't dissapointed me.
Thank You for your support, i appreciated that :)


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