Friday, January 21, 2011

Awesome People

we weren't close enough when we talked to each other,
3 languages 2 nationality can't separated our friendship

hey indias ! you guys are AWESOME ! you're not such a boring people

Deekshant, the first student who talk with me haha. you are such a not-so-ordinary people cause you're not even boring when we talk for the first time. hey ! some girl are like you deeky! hahaha good for you
even though when we met today -,- you kinda forget me .. haha pikunan!

And Amit you too ! such a modern indian people a girl like you! hahaha cause you guys have a same interest

and the other too ! all of you, you guys are FUN

Goodbye friends! hope we can meet up for the 2nd time ! have a nice day :D

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