Monday, July 13, 2009

can i say good bye to you all ?

hey all
i'm in 9th grade , so i think i can't often online like yesterday or a year ago (a year -_-") in 9th grade i must to focus cause i want to have a perfect score for enter the favorite high school like whatever lah.. but the point, i must to focus this year and i am gonna miss you my reader, i hope you enjoy to read my story , i'm so happy if you enjoy read my blog and also link my blog too... anyway i want to share my photo cause i think this post is tragic (hahaha tragic)

This is my tragic face, if i must to leave you readers

so tragic huh ?? that's not tragic, i think that's slum face -,- ok stop this tragical moment picture..
i must say thanks for visiting my blog i'm happy if you enjoy read my blog ... i wont stop writing in this blog but i can't often to write again ... but i'm sure I WILL WRITE ANOTHER STORY AGAIN
see you next time my reader

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